BAT Inc.: Importers and official distributors for MOCAL Oil Control Systems - the most comprehensive line of oil cooling and fluid conveying products for automotive, aviation, marine and industrial applications. BAT has a knowledgeable staff and offers capable order fulfillment throughout North America; you will find no better source to "one stop shop" your needs.

Products include: Mocal, Setrab and Laminova Oil Coolers; Oil Thermostats; Oil Filter Sandwich Plates, Filter Take-off's, Spin-on Filter Conversions and Remote Filter Equipment; Hose and Fitting products in  all popular -AN, Metric and BSP sizes; Electric Fluid Pumps; Electric Cooling Fans; Aero Fuel Caps; Classic Aston and Monza Classic Fuel Caps: Drysump Oil Tanks; Fuel and Oil Filters & Accessories; Gauges and Instruments.


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