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Laminova Heat Exchangers:

BAT is the authorized North American distributor for Laminova cooling products. Laminova heat exchangers are a small and flexible package used for both cooling and heating applications featuring both maximum heat transfer and low pressure drop for cooling efficiency. Units are available in a number of size formats and can be custom designed. We cooperate closely with the automotive, marine and aviation industry from end-users to manufacturers.

Laminova Core:

The core is the heart of the heat exchanger and Laminova's unique patented design makes it extremely efficient. The laminar flow pattern reduces the pressure drops that occur in conventional heat exchangers. The fins of the core are manufactured with a patented production process creating a huge cooling area because of the cylindrical design. The laminar flow principle means low pressure drop and excellent heat transfer along the entire length. The inside of the core has generous coolant passages that are very tolerant to debris and gives negligible pressure drop. The core can be fitted both on the full coolant flow or in a partial flow circuit. Pulsation and hydraulic pressure resistance is high due to the solid design.


  • High cooling efficiency compared to size
  • Compact cylindrical design
  • High quality single-piece aluminum design
  • Laminar flow pattern for low pressure drop
  • Easy to integrate and install
  • Solder-free connections


The core is a single piece made from extruded aluminum for excellent heat transfer. Low weight and high efficiency are two benefits gained from using only aluminum. The alloy is EN-AW-1050A 99.5%.

Standard Sizes:

The core diameters are 34-63 mm with lengths up to 332 mm. It is possible to put one core inside another for extreme cooling applications. Cores can be extended together for extra capacity by using a simple joint.

Modular Design:

For oil cooling, Laminova also supplies a standard housing assortment with a wide range of different water and oil connection sizes making it easy to suit almost any installation. Assembled coolers are extremely rugged in design and can stand up to the most rigorous applications and environments common in racing/aftermarket applications.


Engine oil cooling, transmission, power steering and intercooler applications are the most common but the core is also suitable for a variety of other uses. Cores can also be custom designed according to performance and physical specifications.




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